Sunday, 11 January 2015

Time Management for School Leaders #SAVMP

Here is my response to Joe Mazza's post on the #SAVMP blog - on time management

Not sure I can use the egg timer idea - Pomodoro Technique to section off my time, but I work really hard at my gmail.  I have to say that as an administrator, gmail is easily the biggest time waster.  I now flag important emails and I archive all the rest.  I am sure I archive over 200 emails every time I do a 'cleaning', which really should be every day.

The second biggest time waster are meetings - especially at the district level.  Unfortunately, I can't control this, but I wish someone would take a look at how much time we waste in traditional meetings that by and large accomplish absolutely nothing.

Without a doubt, the best use of my time remains working with staff, students and parents - that's it.  My time management goal for this year will be to spend more time on these big 'rocks' and less time on e-mail and somehow on useless meetings!


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