Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Human Factor

It's been a great summer! I have had some time to work on my blogging and I have reorganized my twitter so maybe it will be more effective in September.

I have had the luxury to take part in some great twitter chats #whatisschool - from Australia -  very cool!  I am working on new blogs to use for September thanks to the patient people at Edublog!

Now comes the transition to the human factor.  I'm not stopping all my PLN reorganization, but I am moving to a new school and there are lots of really exciting opportunities coming up.

I have met the man who runs a coffee shop and espresso repair store right next to our school.  Today, he showed me all the ins and out of maintaining your machine (you need to clean it out every week).  I also met Bob the custodian at my new school - a really great guy and a very hard worker - he comes in at 5:30 am!!  The other custodian is Guatemalan, so we are going to work together on my Spanish.

I started learning about Vox today and I think it is going to lead to a very cool collaboration with some of the real stars of my PLN.  Its a little hard to turn my iPad into a walkie talkie, but I am trying.  I had a very cool conversation with some people from Nearpod - a really cool new technology (new for me).

I also met some community people who run programs to connect kids to recreational programs - we are going to look for office space for them. And - the best - I got to work with my wife on setting up a new Edublog, a better Dropbox and Discovery Education!  I also read some of her blog posts - truly amazing writing!

We also met with some terrific people who want to run a pilot program at our school to encourage our kids to get into running.

All this is just in the past few days.  In the near future I am going to start working with another group of great educators on a blogging workshop for administrators.

All to say I feel so blessed!  There are so many great learning opportunities out there, so many great chances to collaborate with others.  Its all about connecting to people and really getting into all the wonderful possibilities that come from being in this great line of work.

This is about to become a terrific year!!

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