Tuesday, 12 August 2014

How to connect in the post e-mail world

How will I connect to parents this year?  A big question as I get ready for a new year and a new school.

Due to CASL legislation here in Canada, we are not allowed to send out unsolicited e-mails to parents. The fines are very high, so the risk is real.  So, we have lost some terrific, innovative tools in the rush to comply with the legislation.

Remind  is gone.  Constant Contact is gone.  Too bad, these were the two mainstays of my communication strategy.  There are always other options however.

My main communication tool for the community will become Edublogs.  These folks are really my heros.  They supply a great variety of templates and their customer service is unbelievable.  They actually had me doing css code this week to redesign one of my blogs.  Not sure what css is, but its pretty cool.

I have one blog up and running for staff - the SAN Script (the code for our school is SAN).  It's in the development stage, so if you see something that I should change, let me know.  During the year, I will be posting to it every day to keep this really diverse staff connected.

Next, will be St. Anthony Connects - this blog will be for parents and the great community partners I am meeting. Haven't got a template ready for that yet.

I will go with a 'pro' account so that people can sign up to get my posts.  This will satisfy CASL and it will allow me to break away from the deadly weight of the monthly drab newsletter.  As you can tell. I can't stand newsletters.  Why does anyone do these things any more - we live in a world of instant information, why should parents wait for some stale document at the end of the month?

Twitter and Facebook will round out the strategy.  Both are set up and I hope through IFTTT they are linked.  I will use Flickr and Instagram so people can see what is happening every day.  This is a key point - parents need to see what is happening almost as it happens.  I want engaged parents who are hooked into what we are doing.

That's a good start.  Lots of work to do, but this is so important!

Am I missing anything?  Just let me know.

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