Monday, 28 July 2014

Watering my PLN garden

I know, it's a cheesy title, but it is summer, I think this is OK.

I am taking some time this summer to really work on my PLN. I think it was Doug Peterson @dougpete who wrote this is the best time to go through your twitter feed and cull the contacts who stopped tweeting in 2007.

So, I'm working on a few things.

I rely so much on Twitter now, I really need to spend time making sure my feed is in good shape for the hectic year ahead.  Here are some of the things I am working on:

1.  Fine tuning my Twitter feed - There are a whole host of services out there that will help you fine tune your twitter feed.  Who should be followed? Who just dropped you?  Who do you need to acknowledge?  Right now, I am using  every day.  I had NO IDEA that people actually 'unfollow' you on a regular basis!  I am also using and to finess my feed.

Its actually really interesting to see who unfollows you.  I just found out that I was unfollowed by a Guatemalan supergroup - what did I say?

Seriously, these tools are really useful. There are a bunch of people out there who I should be following, but I didn't know it.  Now I am trying to make amends.

2.  Follow your crew - My school board is pretty amazing when it comes to social media and digital technology.  I have decided to follow everyone in my school board - including all the schools - who have a Twitter account.  At this point, that means I am following an additional 253 people and schools.

It is a little like cheerleading, but I think it is really important to support educators who are willing to put themselves out there.  Over 250 - not bad!

3.  Thank everyone - have you ever been thanked when you follow someone?  Think about it, you saw their posts, you considered what you could learn and you clicked on the 'follow' button.  Good for you. You have just affirmed someone else's work and you don't even know them.  Isn't it great if they actually thank you for acknowledging them?

So, that is what I am working on and it's lots of fun.  I am having some great conversations and I am learning lots.

So - how are you watering your PLN garden?


  1. That sounds like a great way to prepare your list for the fall, Paul. I think the concept of a Twitter list at a school district is a great idea. Should it be done at the board level and shared with everyone? It seems to me that that would be the logical way to implement something like this if we believe that a district can be a community of learners.

  2. I agree, but if they haven't done it yet why wait. My list is public and could be shared if people are interested. While we have at least 250 people or schools on Twitter not all these accounts are very active (I didn't follow people without profile pictures).

    We will see if this is useful for people. Thanks for the comment!