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Develop your own personal learning network - now

Personalised Professional Development with Twitter

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This article is so good I had to refer to it right off the top The main point - develop your own personal learning network, never again accept the generalized PD model where everyone gets the same thing.

We expect a huge amount from teachers these days - more than ever before. But at the same time we are being trained using a 19th century model - one talking head at the front of the room. Any time you go to a workshop and that is happening you know this is not the way things have to be. At the very least, we should not call this professional development.

If we are to be treated as professionals, the learning model needs to reflect that we are all quite capable learning what we need on our own and in groups of like-minded professionals. The model that we have developed in our schools over the past three years is very important - it is the only way to go.  We have developed a system where the professional learning goals for the school are developed by the teacher teams from our three schools (triad).

I find the learning goals coming from these groups get better and better.  The goals are more attuned to conclusions based on student work.  The goals also build on the work that has already been accomplished.

We are all professionals and if we respect the work we do every day we need to make sure we all stay in control of your own professional development.

Never let anyone tell you that they know better than you do. There are so many people out there thinking and writing about educational issues - you need to choose who speaks to you and who you will learn from.
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