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Celebrating Student Voice

The topic for this week is Student Voice – how do we work to enhance this in our school and what evidence can we look to for evidence.  There is a great conversation on this topic on the #SAVMP blog – if you can listen to part of this it is worth it.

I am interested in exploring the ways we give our students a voice at St. Greg’s.  More and more this seems to mean connecting our students to social media.  In the hangout above the participants are talking about the tools they are using at their schools and how students are involved in putting out their message.  
This past week has been pretty amazing at our school.  Our juniors were involved in two regional competitions – The Engineering Challenge and Destination Imagination.  Our teams placed first and second in both competitions.  They won because of their creativity, innovative skills and their ability to work as a team – no mean feat for kids in grades 5 and 6!
They were assisted by their teachers, an incredible group of volunteer engineers and parents.  All these adults worked selflessly for weeks to prepare the students for these events.  They really allowed the creative voices of their students come forward.  
I can’t say enough about how important this is.  Our students have shown themselves to be incredibly creative.  Their voice really needs to be heard.  Because of the work of teachers, parents and volunteers their voice is out there.  What an incredible experience for our students!  
Social media here plays a bit of a secondary role.  Social media basically gets the word out – actually it gives the students the audience that they deserve.  Here are some of the pieces put out by our teachers this week celebrating student voice.

Our first place team at Destination Imagination – students and parent volunteers of our student blog posts

WWE  - A Kid blog by our grade 4 teacher – another great way to celebrate student voice!  Would love to see this opened up so that the students can have a bigger audience!
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These are a few of the ways we are using technology to enhance student voice at our school. This is just the tip of the iceberg for sure – all the examples here are from the past week.  I would love to hear how you are enhancing student voice in your class or school.Our teachers are certainly telling the story – I look forward to finding out how this is promoting the voice of our students!
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