Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Week 17: Bringing Parents Into The Learning Process #SAVMP

This week, I encourage you to share some of the ways that you bring parents into the classroom through your own blogs. Here is the full text of my recent post below.

Christmas Shopping Day 2013
How do we bring parents into the classroom at our school?  Events like the Christmas Shopping day, Movie Nights, volunteer appreciation events, gingerbread making night, the annual book sale for Kakinada, chatting in the hallways, family BBQ's, social media tools including class blogs, Edmodo, Twitter, Facebook, Constant Contact, iMovie and Touchcast.

You will notice that this is a joint effort - staff and parents working together to create a really vibrant community.

To me this is the secret - if you are open to the ideas of others, then you can create a really vibrant school community.  A lot of the events that are truly meaningful are face to face events organized by parents and staff.  If we remain open to trying new things and welcoming new ideas the level of parent engagement will simply continue to increase.

We have an open approach to our parents - every event or communication tool mentioned above was made possible in the last three years because at St. Greg's staff see the parents as partners in the education of their children.

I have said so many times - the chances of a child being successful in school increase exponentially when the teacher and parent work together as a team.  I see that team work all the time.  We are a truly welcoming school.  Parents pick up on that very quickly and they want their kids in our school.

They feel really confident that they can approach a staff member at any time to talk about how their child is doing in school.  Sometimes this calls for an extra measure of patience on the part of the staff member, but you are always able to stay open to our parents.

This sounds so simple, but I don't think this happens in every school.  At our school, there is an undercurrent of compassion and sharing that allows for all these wonderful events and social experiments  to take place.

So, I think the opening question is a bit narrow.  I know you are all working very hard on developing blogs, web pages and edmodo sites to draw in the parents - but realize you all do this every day just in how you interact with your parents.  You have developed trusting relationships that has established the ground work for all the other great things that happen.

We are all doing a great job learning new ways to use technology, but one thing will never change - it starts and ends with the understanding that all people deserve dignity, respect and our attention.


  1. Fabulous points, all of them, Paul.

    I have worked very hard on "customer service" at our campus and developing that amazing feeling of welcoming in our school. The parents and their participation in our school and their children's education are critical.

    I believe I actually chose to skip this #SAVMP assignment because I had already blogged about this topic in one of my posts the previous year. Ironically, they are cycling through several topics that I had already personally chosen to BLOG about.

    Thanks for your continued leadership example.


  2. Hi Carol. Really good idea to recycle posts that you gave written about. I am trying to do more of that. Sometimes one good post can go on several blogs. Trying a blog editor now that helps do that. Do you know ScribeFire? Very interesting.