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The Sunshine Awards - connecting with others

The Sunshine Award: Bloggers Share

Time for me to get involved in this really interesting project.  I first saw this a few weeks ago from Doug Peterson. @Dougpete.  I then got tagged by a former student and great blogger Megan Valois @msvalois.  Now I have been tagged by Maureen Devlin @lookforsun who I have a great amount of respect for.  I share her blog with others on a regular basis and I read her whenever I can.  We also share a love for #satchat.

One of the cool things about all this is that it has been great to meet Doug at ECOO2013 and Megan most recently at Edcamp Ottawa.  I have yet to meet Maureen, but I hope there will be an opportunity one of these days.  Always so interesting to meet people you follow through Twitter!

This is a great project!  I feel honoured to be tagged by these great bloggers and it is time that I jump in.  So I will now tag 11 other bloggers that I follow and get back to Megan and Doug, both bloggers I also have great respect for.

The Sunshine Award Rules
  • Acknowledge the nominating blogger.
  • Share 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
  • List 11 bloggers: they should be bloggers you believe deserve some recognition and a little blogging love!
  • Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate
  • Let those 11 bloggers know they have been nominated. (You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.)

So - let's get started - first, about me

Eleven Random Facts:

I love to bike - can't wait to start training for the Rideau Lakes
I am married to an amazing teacher - Heather - she is a constant inspiration!
We have three amazing children - Liam, Mairi and Colleen - all following their own interesting and dynamic path!
I like to ski - even on days like this (-25 C)
I love to learn Spanish with my Guatemalan teacher - Ronnaldo
I love to travel to Latin America - next trip this summer to El Salvador!
I really enjoy being an elementary principal - this is the best job I have had
I don't miss high school - enough said
I love new technology, my latest toys -  the Nexus 5 and the Bose mini speaker (bluetooth)
I love Roman history should have taken Latin when I had the chance
I am trying to become a good swimmer - it is so liberating!!

Answer's to Maureen's Questions:
Eleven Questions 

1.  In your professional work, what name, nickname, and/or title do you prefer?
Paul works best for me

2. What part of your professional work are you most excited about?
Educational technology and writing.  I am also really interested in teacher professional development and finding better ways to make this more effective

3.When did you decide to enter or choose the professional work you do?

A looong time ago - I have been teaching for 27 years, but I have been a principal for less than three years.

4.  What is your greatest professional challenge at this time?

Right now, working with teachers who are struggling in the profession - this is a difficult challenge and there is not a lot of guidance on how to manage this.

5.  If you could change or impact one aspect of our world, what would you change or impact?

I would like to see an end of poverty here in our country and across the world, along with that, I would lie to see equality of opportunity for all children.  We have a long way to go!

6.  Describe one place that you like to visit?

More countries in Latin American.  I would like to see Honduras and Nicaragua adn i really want to go back to Guatemala

7.  What draws you to a blog post?

A number of things. I really like to read blogs written by teachers in the classroom (like you!) - I learn so much from these!  I like blogs on educational technology and I like reading blogs written by people who are really interesting - Doug Peterson is an example, George Couros is another.

8.  What is one skill that you bring to a collaborative group that helps the group succeed?

I hope a certain amount of vision on the absolute importance of collaboration - teachers need to collaborate and they need the time to do this properly.  I think I am a good communicator and i think that helps too.

9.  What is one project, research, or study you are working on now that you're excited about?

We have a trip going to El Salvador this July.  We have a group of 7 educators, but would be happy to take on more - this will be a great trip!  Our web site is 

10.  Describe one highlight moment in your career.

getting out of high school to start teaching again in a grade 6 language arts class - that was a blast!  It was only for six months, but I learned so much - I especially learned how difficult it has become to teach in today's environment of high expectations!

11.  What is one piece of advice you would give to young professionals starting their careers.

Keep an open mind and look for administrators that will support your vision. Keep a balance between your work and your friends and family - never forget this!!

Eleven Tags

  1. @TDOttawa
  2. @JenniferNKing
  3. @rolat
  4. @slackt
  5. @alvareztany
  6. @MrsMartel2
  7. @gcouros
  8. @MKGoindi
  9. s

Here are my questions for you:(please "connect" your answers with me @mcguirp via Twitter)

1.  What is the most important educational issue for you right now?

2.  What motivates you right now.

3.  If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be?

4.  What piece of technology are you most excited about now?

5.  As a child, did you like school?

6.  What are the three qualities of a master teacher?

7.  What makes teachers most memorable to children?

8.  Describe one highlight moment in your career.

9. Describe one place you would like to visit.

10.  What is your favourite hike? 

11.  Atlantic coast, Pacific coast which one do you like better.

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  1. Hi Paul, Thank you for answering all the questions and sharing facts about your life. Like you, I like to bike and swim too. When I was young my Uncle and his family lived in El Salvador so I used to hear a lot of stories. Currently my brother-in-law lives in Brazil and I had the chance to visit him once--a trip of a lifetime. Your summer journey sounds exciting. I hope to read the post you added to learn more about it. Thank you for the collegial share you offer online, your many ideas and thoughts have inspired me. I look forward to more online professional collaboration in the weeks to come.