Saturday, 16 November 2013

Week 13 #SAVMP  Individual Learning and Mass Sharing

This is a really good question for this week's post
How do you share the work that you do during individual staff PD to ensure that great learning goes viral? I would love to see some other examples of how people are sharing.

I am thinking about this right now.  

Last week, I spent some time with the grade 4/5/6 Triad as they worked together on their inquiry on math journals.  I am learning a great deal!

First, we have now been using triads for three years and I don't always have a great idea of the learning that is going on in each individual triad.  It is a matter of having the time to sit with people and find out what they are working on.  Eventually, we share all the work that is being done and I do read all the triad notes as they come out in our Evidence of Learning document, but for me this is not good enough.

First, I need a good way of recording the learning.

Next, I have to try and sit with a few groups and document their learning.  I am starting with the math journal inquiry - it is a really cool project!

picture from a dropbox collection made by the grade 4/5/6 triad - student working on math inquiry
picture from a dropbox collection made by the grade 4/5/6 triad - student working on math inquiry
I have sat in a couple of classes and have documented the student work on a blog. I have asked the teachers to send me some of the conclusions they have reached already so I can create another blog post.
We have a Google + Community, but this just facilitates sharing within the group.

I really think I need our triads to find a bigger audience. They are doing some terrific work and I can share this by blogging about their learning. They are really developing a ground breaking process for professional learning and I want to spread the good news!
Here is the last post on the math project
Interesting, we have been looking for strategies to improve math scores at our school while all the time the teachers have been working on this project!  Again, I find some of the best learning happens when I get out of the way and allow teachers to collaborate and share what they know!

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