Saturday, 2 November 2013

Management as a Principal - Week 11 #SAVMP

How do you manage your tasks/time? 
Is it reflective of the 90/10 stated above?
How important is management in the role principal? 
What can you do to better align your vision and your priorities?

I can relate to the last post on the #SAVMP blog - I certainly can as a principal and I know most teachers can as well.  Quoting directly from the blog, "According to Dr. Covey, 90 percent of most people’s time is spent in quadrant 1, while the remaining 10 percent is spent in quadrant IV.While not directly related to education, I think this principle applies. The goal is to make sure you spend most of your time in quadrant II."

This should be put on a t-shirt.

What I have learned over the past ten years is that you need to be able to view a decision and its implications way down the road.  That is all quadrant II stuff - prepare as best you can, work on prevention and relationship-building as much as you can.

Even though this has become my mantra, I am continually surprised by the situations that can quickly get out of control.  I am left thinking to myself - 'why didn't I see this coming?'

However, when you get right down to it, this is what I love about the job.  It is unpredictable and you need to remain cool no matter what the situation.  In fact, I feel blessed that I am in a position where I need to deal - really deal with life crises on a fairly regular basis.  That is the joy of the job.

I try to do quadrant II as much as possible.  Relationship-building is the key.  I sometimes find it really crazy that so many books are written about all the things that need to be done to lead or teach effectively when building positive relationships always comes first.  Leaders need to know this.  Build good relations with your students, your teachers, your parents - that is where leaders should spend all their time when they are not dealing with blown pipes, lockdowns, fights, irate parents, etc.

The more I learn, the more I realize that I will always strive to manage and lead better.  It is such an incredible job, there is always room for improvement!

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  1. Great points! Yes, without the relationship-building piece, all the rest of it is for naught. Thanks for making this priority in your leadership style. I hope to continue to learn and grow in this area as well. COVEY is my favorite! Seek first to understand.