Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Developing Leadership - #SAVMP

Week Five of #SAVMP presents a really interesting question - how do you promote leadership in your school?

This is a great question and the longer I am an administrator the more important this becomes.  For me, it is sometimes hard to let go of some of the responsibilities that go with this job.  However, it is essential and it is something that I work on harder every year.

I am in a small school with twelve teachers.  Obviously, there is no vice-principal, but I do have designates who fill in for me when I am away.  If you take the designate position seriously, it gives you a great opportunity to give more responsibility to other teachers.  This year, the designate was responsible for the duty schedule along with other administrative tasks.  

The duty schedule is always difficult to do, but over the years I have gotten to the point where I can get it done very quickly.  Time to pass this one on.  I asked the designate to take this on this year and for her it was a great learning experience.  She had to figure out the union regulations for the numbers of allowed supervision minutes, talk to each teacher to make sure the schedule was fair and determine how much time we would need from the Board for lunch time monitors.  She did all this, it took a while, but she did a great job.  More importantly, I was able to share my leadership responsibilities with another person.

There is no question that when you do this people take more ownership and feel more engaged in the running of the school.  Not all people want to do that, but my job is to look for the people who want to take on a leadership role and make sure they get something meaningful.

I think this is one of the biggest lessons I have learned as an administrator - you need to learn to let go.  Share your responsibilities with others who want to lead.  

When you get right down to it, if you don't do this who will?

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  1. Thanks, Paul for another great post. I was trying to decide which would be more difficult...distributing leadership among a small faculty or among a large faculty. My guess would be that your job is more challenging because you have a smaller team. However, I might be wrong.