Wednesday, 13 March 2013

reflections on being a 21st century principal

We are thirteen years into the 21st Century, people have reflected that we need to get over this term, we are all aware that we are working on a paradigm shift in education.  We all know that the education system is based on the 19th Century factory model.  To be honest, after 27 years in education this really hasn't changed too much.

Now, however educators are being challenged as never before.  We just completed a District review - a sort of educational audit that we do here in Ontario.  This was an interesting experience.  Our teachers are changing their practice.  They are being influenced to change by the flood of information that is coming to us from the Ministry and so many other sources.

I put out a blog to the staff every week - The Gregorian Rant.  I try to limit my posts to one new idea each day - I am sure it is overwhelming to the staff, but it is simply the tip of the iceberg.  I too am overwhelmed by the material that is out there.

I think I will publish here more of the ideas that I am discovering through, Twitter and other sources I still need to discover.

Truly, writing the Rant is the most enjoyable part of my day - but the audience is too small.  These ideas need to be circulated and recirculated so that we can build up a critical movement for education reform.

What will it look like?  It is occurring every day in our schools, we just need to write and reflect on what we are reading.

For today, I want to share a talk by Sir Ken Robinson, who talks about the need for an education revolution not education reform.  Great to start with this!

Human learning is an organic process not a linear process.

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