Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Holy Week in a Catholic School

This is the beginning of Holy Week.  This should be a week where we shift our focus away from solely meeting curriculum expectations to allow time to reflect on this important part of the liturgical year.  Yesterday, I heard once again the story from Luke that takes us from Palm Sunday right to the Crucifixion.  I never tire of this story, Jesus entering in triumph the City of Jerusalem only to be abandoned by everyone as his downfall is plotted.  I listened closely to the dialogue between Pilate and the crowd.  Pilate repeatedly says that Jesus has done nothing that warrants the death sentence, but the crowd persists until Pilate relents and Jesus is handed over to be tortured and killed.

What an amazing story.  It is played out again and again in our world. Last week we hosted a women from Cabanas, El Salvador who spoke of the persecution of her community by people connected to mining interests.  People have been killed or have disappeared because they have expressed their opposition to mining in their community.  Today on CBC there was another story of Guatemalan women who are suing Hudbay here in Canada to protest the exploitation of their community by the mining company.

The story of Holy Week should be reflected on deeply.  We may not be able to make these sorts of connections with our students, but we should all be able to find stories of love and sacrifice that will help our students understand the nobility of Jesus' struggle against injustice.

We are fortunate to be able to focus on the story of Holy Week.  It is a wonderful opportunity to engage our students in a story that ends with great hope and joy.  It is also an occasion for all of us to really listen to the stories of suffering that we can hear everyday.
What a wonderful challenge for all of us!

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